A new forum to give the electronic design community answers on PCB design for wireless and antenna integration

Antenova Ltd, manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for M2M and the Internet of Things, has introduced an online forum where product designers can consult with industry experts and other designers to get help with integrating  antennas and RF into their product designs. The forum, ask.antenova.com, is free for anyone to access, ask questions and search the knowledge base, and a place for industry experts and consultants to display their knowledge.

Antenova’s CEO, Colin Newman explains:

“Forums are a great because they are customer-led, and this has so far been missing in the wireless design community, where designers often struggle to integrate antennas. We meet many designers who are working with RF for first time, and we notice that they tend to approach our technical team with similar questions, so we are placing these popular questions, and more, online with answers - to provide an online resource that anyone can search and view to build their understanding of RF and complete their designs faster.”

The forum is moderated by Antenova’s Director of Antenna Development, Chris Tomlin and Senior Antenna Specialist Geoff Shulteis. It holds answers to questions, such as: Can I use a broken ground plane to support my antenna?  How do I ground an antenna for RF performance? If my PCB is shorter than the datasheet guidelines and clearance is also less, how much will the antenna performance drop? These are just a few of the questions covered.

The questions and answers are sorted by keywords, for example board design, antenna placement, antenna selection manufacturing, matching and testing, with intelligent text searching. To view the forum, please see ask.antenova.com.



ask.antenova is a global forum for designers and engineers working with wireless technology. Get answers from those who know best.