How to optimise performance in complex applications by improving architecture layout

    Antennas thrive in conditions which allow them to optimally perform. With RF applications getting ever more complex and miniaturised, it’s key to understand ideal architecture layout to reach this optimal state.

    Neglected layouts can contribute to a sub-optimal environment, and in turn, produce up to a 50% loss in performance. However, there are plenty of opportunities to avoid these losses which can also have positive side effects such as reduced noise.

    Antenova have compiled an ebook to help you master high quality layouts and build wireless products that excel. In this document, we’ll cover:

    • Designing for performance
    • Finding the right antenna
    • Maximising your device’s efficiency
    • Return Loss (VSWR) and Matching/Tuning
    • Design Layout
    • Enclosure

    Download the free guide below.

    Architecture Layout: A guide for optimum RF performance  Antenova have compiled a helpful guide to help you optimise your wireless  produce design layout.  GET THE GUIDE