The complete guide to LTE 450

LTE 450 is a type of wireless communication network based on a 450MHz frequency. More importantly, it's a network band that offers wide reach, deep signal penetration, high speeds and secure, dependable connection. On top of that, it's cost effective to implement and use, and it can future proof systems with its great flexibility. 

In the heyday of 2G GSM and 3G cellular networks, the 450MHz frequency was set aside as a low-frequency route for emergency communications. Now we have advanced to 4G and 5G and the 2G networks are being retired, 450MHz is open to bids for other purposes. These tend to involve critical communications over long ranges, with connections to remote and dispersed points.

Our complete guide explains exactly what LTE 450 is and what makes it different. We take a look at the benefits of LTE 450, the industries with the most to gain from LTE 450 and some frequently asked questions.


The complete guide to LTE 450  Learn more about what LTE 450 is and why it matters  FREE DOWNLOAD

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