The Wireless Design Cycle: Architecture Layout

In August, Antenova's Antenna Application Specialist Geoff Schulteis hosted an in-depth webinar all about the wireless design cycle. For those who missed it, we're releasing the full webinar in four parts. Part two is all about the architecture layout stage.

The Wireless Design Cycle- Architecture Layout


Here, Geoff gives a detailed rundown of the principal concerns of the architecture layout process. Organising the layout of a PCB can be painstaking, and you will need to take a range of different factors into account, including:

  • Material of device housing
  • Embedded antenna placement
  • Antenna type
  • Carrier requirements
  • Radio placement

To hear Geoff discuss the importance of these issues and more within the architecture layout stage, watch the video above! And if you are enjoying the series so far, we will be posting part three - which explores board design and Gerber review - soon.

Architecture Layout: A guide for optimum RF performance  Antenova have compiled a helpful guide to help you optimise your wireless  produce design layout.  GET THE GUIDE
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