The Wireless Design Cycle: Design Test, Pre-production & Mass Production

In August, Antenova's Antenna Application Specialist Geoff Schulteis hosted a comprehensive webinar on the wireless design cycle. For those who missed it, the full webinar is now online in four parts. The fourth and final instalment concerns the design test, pre-production and mass production phases.

Design testing

The testing phase of the design cycle is so crucial because identifying problems early can save untold time and money. In the video, Geoff covers:

  • Return loss and antenna matching
  • Managing interference issues
  • Power consumption optimization
  • Pre-testing an embedded antenna


The next stage of testing is pre-production; here Geoff explains some of these considerations:

  • PCB material selection
  • PCB thickness and stack profile
  • Testing costs
  • Plunge-to-board testing

Mass production

Rolling out a product for mass production is the culmination of all the hard work of the design cycle, but it isn't without its challenges. This section of the video covers:

  • SMD vs hand assembly antennas
  • Production processes
  • Ensuring the correct antenna for production given outsourced production is now common

Simply click play above to watch the video. If you've enjoyed this webinar series on the wireless design cycle, you can read more of our resources on our blog. Alternatively, check out our Integration Hub, where you can find more practical advice for every step of a wireless project.

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