What is the best 4G antenna for small products?

With 5G connections becoming increasingly prevalent in modern devices, 4G is still used by most IoT devices. Instead of 5G replacing 4G as the next evolution of cellular communications, they both present different characteristics and properties for different cellular applications. Devices that use 5G depend on faster speeds, bandwidths and responsiveness, whereas 4G antennas enjoy the benefits of taking up little valuable PCB space. But why is it that antenna size is so important for certain 4G applications?

Why is size important for 4G devices?

The frequency bands for 4G antennas start higher when compared to 5G. This means that the ground plane required by the antenna is smaller because of the shorter wavelengths. 4G antennas are hence able to be compact, efficient and provide stable communications for a wide range of applications. Some 4G antennas are also able to suit specific PCB sizes such as 60x40mm where they take up less space than other antennas using that ground plane.

In terms of integration, 4G is a cost effective and simple choice for a majority of designers; 4G connectivity is already completely widespread around the globe and is perfectly capable of satisfying the majority of our audio and video needs. The small size of 4G antennas also provides ease of integration and frees more valuable PCB space for other components, especially in small devices. This makes 4G antennas a usual choice for the smallest of IoT applications and devices.

Introducing Pharaoh, the best 4G antenna for small designs

Antenova introduces Pharaoh, a highly efficient 4G antenna that functions well on smaller PCB sizes of 60x40mm & 50x40mm.

Pharaoh is a multiband SMD antenna that is designed for small PCBs down to the size of 50x40mm. The dimensions of the antenna are 37x13x3.3mm, making it the smallest 4G antenna for 60x40mm PCBs. The efficiency at 50x40mm ground planes is sufficient to pass PTCRB certification testing and is the perfect choice for small PCBs and devices. Pharaoh also works worldwide and will help shorten the design cycle with ease of integration.


Pharaoh’s small ground plane and wide connectivity makes it an attractive choice of antenna for a wide range of small 4G devices; It is suitable for LTE, GSM, CDMA, DCS, PCS, WCDMA, UMTS, HSPDA, GPRS, EDGE and IMT.

Specific devices with 60x40mm & 50x40mm PCB sizes in particular will enjoy the small size of Pharaoh as it frees space for other components. Commercially, Pharaoh is also suitable for high volume manufacturing as it can be placed by a P&P machine on a host PCB. It is suitable for POS terminals and small telematics products.

Market position

In the current market, Pharaoh outperforms all its competitors by having a ground plane efficiency of 20% at 50mm and 25% at 60mm. The closest 4G SMD antenna competitors have 21% at 60mm ground plane, 15% on 60x40mm EVK or 12% at 40x50mm PCB with costly RF switching. This leaves Pharaoh as unmatched for compact and remote applications that demand compact size with decent efficiency.

Antenova provides a range of resources to help designers integrate antennas into their devices and host PCBs. Our specialist team can offer support on PTCRB certification for small devices as well as other aspects of antenna integration.

Download the datasheet below to find out more about Pharaoh and how it can benefit your device.

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