How To Design RF Transmission Lines Optimally for Your Antenna

Selecting the best performing wireless device/module and antenna does not guarantee you a good performing wireless product. These two devices need a transmission line to allow RF energy to flow from one device to the other.

RF transmission lines are different to digital. A poorly designed trace will result in RF loss which could reduce the overall performance of your wireless device by as much as 50%.


With today’s product designs becoming more complex and compact, PCB design engineers don’t want to be spending time on a single RF trace with the whole board to complete. However, the wireless performance of the product will often be critical to its market acceptance. So, one single RF trace could be the difference between success and failure!

Antenova are experts in the field of embedded antenna design and what is required to achieve the best performing wireless solution. So, to simplify this critical design element, Antenova have developed a program that will calculate the ideal coplanar wave guide RF transmission line for the embedded Antenova antenna you are using. It’s called the Antenova Transmission Line Calculator.

For embedded antennas, the most suitable design is a Grounded Coplanar Wave Guide (GCPW). A GCPW must be calculated correctly to achieve minimal RF loss. Each GCPW design will be unique based on your PCB stack up, the size of your matching components and overall layout.

The Antenova Transmission Line Calculator considers all these aspects for you. Simply enter 3 parameters and it will instantly calculate a solution with an interactive graph – job done!

This software is available free of charge and downloadable below. As well as providing you a wide range of excellent performing antennas, Antenova is here to support your whole RF design to make sure you achieve the best performing wireless solution.

All-New Transmission Line Calculator  Quickly calculate the optimum dimensions for your transmission lines.  DOWNLOAD


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